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New Bookcases = Reorganizing

I knew the situation was getting desperate when I had to start stacking books on top of the row on top of the bookcase, and sideways on my bedside table so that I couldn’t see the spines.

So this weekend we journeyed to the fairly new Ikea store in Reading for two more Billy bookcases. We had a short list of other stuff we were looking for, but kept finding useful items – a desk chair for my husband’s attic workstation, a metal filing unit to replace the impossible stationery box we’ve used for years, two shelving units that would together hold all of our CDs and DVDs, etc. – such that by the time we finished our plates of meatballs we’d blown over £200 in store. But hey, we got loads of useful storage solutions, worked on our Christmas shopping, and found some bizarre Swedish foodstuffs to try too.


I’ve now been able to eliminate all double-stacking and make some more sensible categories. So upstairs in my study I have all classics in one bookcase, and another with one shelf of priority fiction, two shelves of biography and memoir, and one shelf of literary reference. Downstairs one whole bookcase is devoted to nature and field guides, another houses priority fiction paperbacks (two shelves) and science fiction (two shelves, thanks to my husband’s Terry Pratchett collection), and a third is split between travel (one shelf); general nonfiction, music and cats (together a partial shelf), and religion and poetry (two shelves). With the addition of a side table and floor lamp, my reading corner is now complete.

The good news is that I have the equivalent of two small shelves empty, which is unheard of in this household but means we have some room to expand into.

It’s been a busy weekend what with shopping, yardwork, editing and helping my husband make a Christmas cake. The downside is that pretty much zero reading got done. But it’s been fun to do some different things, including walking through chilly, fireworks-lit streets for a pint and a pie at one of our local pubs on Guy Fawkes Night.


How did you spend the weekend? Did any reading get done?