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Outside Bookbarn International, July 2015.
Outside Bookbarn International in July 2015.

I grew up in Maryland, USA and have a degree in English and Religion from Hood College.

I first came to England in 2003 as a study abroad student at the University of Reading and returned in 2005 to get an MA in Victorian Literature from the University of Leeds. Meeting my future husband in 2003 gave me a reason to keep coming back, and I’ve now lived in England for nigh on 10 years.

Jobs and circumstances have kept us circling around the southeast, but we’re currently based in Newbury, Berkshire.

We maintain connections with nearby Reading, a name that always pleases me as a book-lover even though, of course, it’s actually pronounced ‘Redding’.

For six years I was a college library assistant in the States and then in London. Since July 2013 I’ve been a full-time freelance editor and writer, focusing on book reviews.

My Work

Editing science journal articles for academic English is my bread and butter.

I regularly review books for Kirkus Indie, Publishers Weekly and BlueInk Review (those three for no byline), as well as for Bookmarks magazine, the Pittsburgh Post-GazetteHakai web magazine, ForewordBookBrowse, Shiny New Books, Nudge, and The Bookbag.

My writing has also appeared in the following outlets: Times Literary SupplementLos Angeles Review of Books, Stylist, Wasafiri literary magazine, Third Way magazine, BookTrib, For Books’ Sake, [PANK], Quadrapheme, The Island Review and Fig Tree Books.

An archive of my nearly 100 book-themed articles is also available at the now-defunct website Bookkaholic, where I was a staff writer and proofreader for two years (2013–2015).


Review Policy

Since I review so many books for my work, this blog is intended as a fun space where I mostly talk about my leisure reading and books I recommend. I started it in March 2015.

My favorite genres to read and review are literary fiction, historical fiction and memoirs. For full-length blog reviews I plan to focus on recent and upcoming U.K. releases in those categories, although I also read U.S. offerings through NetGalley and Edelweiss.

I am open to offers of review books, especially when connected with specific opportunities like a blog tour or an author Q&A (see also my “Reading Interests” below).

I prefer to receive finished print copies or print proofs for review, although I can read e-books when necessary.

Please note that I am extremely unlikely to consider self-published books for review.

Blog Strategy

Chetham's Library, Manchester
Chetham’s Library, Manchester

I post frequently, with straightforward reviews appearing on the blog up to eight times a month.

In between I also feature books from my own shelves and from my library borrowing; explore thematic connections; report on my literary travels, bookshops I’ve visited or events I’ve attended; and think more broadly and philosophically about my life – career, hobbies, and where it’s all going.

For 2017 I plan to create “Doorstopper of the Month” and “Classic of the Month” features to encourage me to read some of the very long books that I own and get through more classics.

Reading Interests

img_0740I read about 300 books a year and, in addition to the above genres (see “Review Policy”), enjoy contemporary poetry, graphic novels, biographies, self-help, popular science, popular theology, travel books and nature writing.

Broadening my experience of literature in translation is a priority.

Specific subgenres that I particularly love include illness and bereavement memoirs, “foodoirs” (food-themed memoirs), “graphic memoirs” (memoirs in the form of a graphic novel), true stories of faith and doubt, epistolary and campus novels, Victorian pastiches and books about cats.

Other Literary Interests

  • Bibliotherapy
  • Authors’ houses and graves
  • Victorian studies
  • Literary prize races (especially the Man Booker Prize)

My big dreams are to be involved in bibliotherapy in some way and to judge a literary prize.

Getting in Touch

I link to my Twitter account in the sidebar on the right. I am very active on Goodreads and an occasional user of Instagram (bookishbeck). You can also contact me via the form below.



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