Novellas in November Wrap-Up

Last year, our first of hosting Novellas in November as an official blogger challenge, we had 89 posts by 30 bloggers. This year, Cathy and I have been simply blown away by the level of participation: as of this afternoon, our count is that 49 bloggers have taken part, publishing just over 200 posts and covering over 270 books. We’ve done our best to keep up with the posts, which we’ve each been collecting as links on the opening master post. (Here’s mine.)

Thank you all for being so engaged with #NovNov, including with the buddy reads we tried out for the first time this year. We’re already thinking about changes we might implement for next year.

A special mention goes to Simon of Stuck in a Book for being such a star supporter and managing to review a novella on most days of the month.

Our most reviewed books of the month included new releases (The Fell by Sarah Moss, Small Things Like These by Claire Keegan, Assembly by Natasha Brown, and The Writer’s Cats by Muriel Barbery), our four buddy reads, and The Cost of Living by Deborah Levy.

Some authors who were reviewed more than once (highlighting different works) were Margaret Atwood, Henry James, Elizabeth Jolley, Amos Oz, George Simenon, and Muriel Spark.

Of course, novellas are great to read the whole year round and not just in November, but we hope this has been a good excuse to pick up some short books and appreciate how much can be achieved with such a limited number of pages. If we missed any of your coverage, let us know and we will gladly add it in to the master list.

See you next year!

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  1. Thanks so much for co-hosting such a great month, Rebecca. I’m so pleased to see that the Moss and Keegan topped the review list. Two brilliant books!

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    1. My pleasure, though it was perhaps more of a challenge to keep on top of than I was expecting. I still have the Keegan on my Kindle to read. Perhaps as a Christmas treat.

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      1. It would make an excellent Christmas read.

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  2. I’m so grateful to you and Cathy for this opportunity, even excuse, to dig out those short fictions from the shelves, or seek others out from libraries, shops or friends. I actually got through eleven titles, all completed in November, and may even continue well into next month and beyond. So thanks so much!

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    1. Thank you so much for your participation! It is a great excuse, isn’t it? I keep a pile of short books and add to it through the year.

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  3. Yes, definitely count me in next year. All I need to do is …get organised.

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    1. Hurrah! We’ll try to give plenty of notice.

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  4. So glad this has been successful again. It’s definitely a challenge I enjoy joining in. I have read more novellas than I have had chance to review, but never mind, I am always behind. So, I have a couple of novellas still to review next month.

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    1. Thanks, Ali! We appreciated your contributions. I generally bite off more than I can chew 😉 So I still have an enormous stack that will await me for next year.


  5. […] and am ahead of target (in fact a month ahead of target). I read 16 titles (two in one volume) for Novellas in November and really enjoyed doing that project, and 15 for Nonfiction November, as well as doing all five […]


  6. I so enjoyed this, Oh, there’s my link above, ha – I got loads off the TBR and I already have at least one I think I will save (if I can bear to) for next year. Well done to both of you!

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    1. Wonderful! I got through lots from my shelves as well, including some review copies, and there were also some I purchased specifically for this year.

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  7. Congratulations!! What a huge success! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your contribution!

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  8. I’ve still not gotten to The Fell, but am keen to read it. (Just finished her book on polar exploration which I absolutely loved and didn’t want to finish!)

    Congrats on all your stat’s and your reading for November Novellas. That should swell your totals (and many participants’ as well!) quite nicely. And maybe clear some space on your bookshelves if you’re not keeping all of them?


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