August’s Reading Plans: Too Many Projects!

My August is looking chock-full of reading projects – many of them self-imposed, to be fair.


20 Books of Summer: I’ve finished a few more books and just need to write them up; I’m in the middle of another nine, including Tisala as my doorstopper for the month.

Summer theme: Books with summer/sun/shine in the title, and others set in summer, like The Go-Between by L.P. Hartley, my classic for the month.

Women in Translation month: I’ve started the Ferrante and also want to get to the Fenollera and start the Flores stories (all those Fs!), which are coming out from Oneworld in November. Also, in yesterday’s post I received a surprise copy of a forthcoming Fitzcarraldo Editions essay by Annie Ernaux about her mother’s dementia, so I will squeeze that in too.

Robertson Davies week: In the final week of August I’ll be joining in with Lory’s (The Emerald City Book Review) Robertson Davies readalong by starting Fifth Business, the first volume in The Deptford Trilogy.

May Sarton article: I’m writing a profile for Bookmarks magazine this month, and am currently in the throes of research: finishing the Margot Peters biography I started last year and set aside for ages; reading another novel or two by Sarton; skimming back through various of the journals, novels and poems I’ve read before; and exploring other external sources. Luckily, my husband was able to forage for loads from his university library for me.

What’s keeping you busy this month?

23 thoughts on “August’s Reading Plans: Too Many Projects!

  1. Some great titles there. I particularly enjoy the works of B Pym: light, but sustaining, and with a bit of an edge. I read R Davies’s Fifth Business long ago, when I was working on hagiography, and loved it. Went on to read the trilogy, and the other one, the title of which I forget. He’s interesting, if a little dry. Good luck with the projects.

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    1. Thank you! This is only my second Pym novel, and the first one that I think is truly representative (the other was Quartet in Autumn). I’m looking forward to trying Davies. So many readers I trust have praised him.


  2. Look forward to reading your May Sarton article. I’ll be reading mainly Brazilian women in translation for this month and am very tempted to join in with a rereading of Proust (but perhaps in Sept/Oct) and now someone has suggested starting Uwe Johnson’s Anniversaries on the 21st of August and reading one entry a day for a year… Oh, and I still hope to complete the #EU27Project that I started about 2-3 years ago.

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    1. So you know just what I mean about feeling a little overwhelmed by projects 🙂 I confess I can’t think of a single Brazilian writer. Paulina Flores, whose stories I’m going to start on, is Chilean. A lot of my knowledge of literature in translation still comes from Europe, alas.


  3. I’m impressed! I’m struggling with just 20 Books of Summer, partly because I keep on acquiring books (either from NetGalley or the library) that aren’t on the list… The Go-Between made a big impact on me as a teenager.

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  4. I am daunted by your August menu – yikes, woman! remember you have to eat, sleep, ablute, presumably cook and shop ….
    I hesitate to nominate one measly little doorstopper, namely The Old Drift by Namwali Serpell, which was a pre-birthday treat. A novel about Zambia, to which I look forward immensely. Other than that, at least one foray into the TBR pile, and possibly a book or two from my local Library.

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  5. And there I was fretting that I wouldn’t get anywhere near completing my 15booksofsummer because of a)review copies that need urgent attention and b) the temptations of women in translation month. I feel so much better now I know you’re in an even more pressured place:) 🙂

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  6. I’m not going to get onto the Robertson Davies – wah! Maybe I should do a year of him after my next Year.

    I have my Iris Murdoch of the month, a WIT book (fortunately a short one with big print) and then my overlapping All Virago/All August and the rest of my 20 Books of Summer. Oops, better get into bed and read!

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      1. It depends whether / when I’ve got a big race – when I’m tapering and resting I tend to read a lot. I run as much in the winter as the summer but spend time outside reading before tea in the summer where I’d go to bed earlier with a book in the winter. So I think it balances out but of course now I want to go and make lists and compare!

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  7. Wow – look at that stack of May Sarton! What a fun project – I hope it’s going well!
    My main summer project: Keeping up. 🙂
    Glad you’re joining in the Robertson Davies week!

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