A Book for Every Occasion?

Yesterday I signed up for a six-week yoga course at the local wellbeing center. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for at least two years. Now that I’ve finally made myself commit to it, of course I’m thinking twice: going out on a Tuesday evening in the cold, dark and quite possibly wet – what was I thinking?! What will I wear? Will I have to talk to other people? Will they be nice? Will they be better than me? It’s like high school all over again.

So, naturally, last night I started reading this:


This was a Christmas gift from my wish list. With an appropriate bookmark I found at the library where I worked in London.

It’s actually a book of disparate travel essays, with the first about a stay in Louisiana that coincided with Mardi Gras in the early 1990s. But Geoff Dyer is one of those amazingly talented authors I’d read on pretty much any topic. I’ll probably skip ahead to the title essay and then make my way through the rest of the book.

Alas, I don’t think there’s a specific book that can console me for failing to get tickets to see John Mayer in London in May and wasting several hours of this morning in the stressful attempt, followed by much disappointed lethargy. (We were similarly unsuccessful with U2 recently, but did manage to secure seats to see Sigur Rós play London in September.)

When’s the last time you found a surprisingly relevant book on your shelf?

Postscript: The next day John Mayer announced a second London show, and this time we got tickets 🙂

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  1. A good yoga teacher will assure their class that yoga is NOT competitive! The class I go to is 9.30am which suits me fine as I am sure I would find every excuse in the world to avoid an evening class!

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    1. I had a choice between Monday mornings and Tuesday evenings and chose evenings because the morning can often be a very productive time for me writing-wise so I didn’t want to risk the loss of it. I’m still pretty flexible for my age, so I hope I will not find it too difficult.


  2. In the face of imminent world collapse I, too, have turned to yoga. I’m currently working my way through a dvd program called ‘The Ultimate Yogi’ by Travis Eliot. It’s way too hard for me but I’m just doing what I can and find I can do a little bit more each time. The most noticeable thing is that I feel much calmer, so it does feel worth the effort. Good luck!

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    1. Ah yes, “imminent world collapse”! 🙂 I could certainly do with the meditation aspect of yoga to help me be less angry and anxious. Just trying to book those gig tickets my heart was racing and I was reduced to shouting at the cat.

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  3. Penny beat me to it in the comments department: she and I go to the same class. In our own ways we were both reluctant converts, but if you have a good teacher, as we do, it may become a part of your week you simply can’t afford to miss

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  4. I started taking Yoga last year, and had some of the same reservations as you, but I love it. And I’m not flexible at all. In our class, everyone just works at their own level and I don’t feel any pressure to do more than that. Hopefully you’ll have the same experience! I also find it very relaxing, which is one of the reasons I wanted to try it.
    I love the title of your book!

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  5. I hope you enjoy your yoga. It isn’t competitive at all and a good teacher will help you find that without being passive-aggressive about it. Sometimes there’s a little chanting or an OM or two but you shouldn’t feel forced to take part in that. I get a bit tense with it being so slow, but that’s GOOD for me, and also my teachers are lovely and I’ve gradually got to know a few people in the class, but you can just turn up, do it and go home and no one minds.

    I haven’t found the ideal book on my shelf for a while, but I did have a horrible experience where my cousin was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and that very week I picked a book off my shelf where the central character contracts the same condition! A flick ahead told me no, don’t read this one.

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    1. Lots of yoga types in the blogging world 🙂

      I can see how that’s the WRONG kind of serendipity!

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