Merry Christmas! (Back on Tuesday)

Do you think I’ve packed enough books for going down to my in-laws’ place for a few days?


The right-hand stack is my currently reading pile. I’m prioritizing Hogfather for Christmas, plus The Dark Flood Rises and Love of Country as they’re 2016 releases. But then – just in case I run out, or get bored with anything – I’ve got six more print books in the left-hand stack (on the top is Thomas Hardy’s Under the Greenwood Tree). And if any of these fail me, the Kindle has roughly 300 books on it, including 16 of yesterday’s 2017 selections.

I’ll be back on Tuesday the 27th for five consecutive days’ worth of year-end goodies: my top fiction and nonfiction reads of 2016, some other superlatives, a few year-end stats, and some goals for 2017’s reading.

Wishing you all safe travels and happy holidays!


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! (Back on Tuesday)

  1. Looks just about OK to me! Hope you’re having a lovely time. I’m getting a nice lot of reading in. My Top Ten post will come at the end of this year or the first day of next, depending on when I finish my last book of the year …

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