Shirts, Totes & Other Bookish Paraphernalia

img_0789I’m a big fan of book-related paraphernalia. Back in 2013 I published a couple of articles at Bookkaholic about my bookmarks collection and other reading paraphernalia I’d accumulated over the years.

Even after I succumbed to e-readers later that year, I’ve kept on hoarding bookmarks and love finding suitable pairings for my print books – a nature-related marker for a nature book; a religious-themed one for a theology book, and so on. I also collect bookmarks linked to particular bookshops or literary prizes.

Here’s a recent pairing that particularly pleased me: a novel about Vincent van Gogh with a bookmark from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam (I haven’t been; I found the bookmark in a book at the library where I used to work).


There’s not much of a narrative to this post. It’s just a chance to say, here’s some great book swag! T-shirts, tote bags, pin badges, a necklace my best friend got me: you name it, I love it. It’s a wonder I don’t have more.



Do you collect any book-related paraphernalia?

15 thoughts on “Shirts, Totes & Other Bookish Paraphernalia

  1. Envious of your collection! I have a tea towel with a Louisa May Alcott quote – “She is too fond of books, and it has turned her brain”.
    I also drink my tea out of a Penguin books mug.
    Bookish England is great for buying presents for book loving friends and relatives.


  2. I’m not big on book-related paraphernalia, but I am fond of my Penguin ‘Tess of the d’Urbervilles’ mug. As to book marks. I always lose them, and end up using an old receipt or abandoned shopping list as usual.


    1. A basket just for bookmarks! I like that idea. Mine take up half my bedside drawer and are something of a mess. The metal and wooden ones (my least favorites) won’t stay with the others. I never used to like magnetic ones but have taken to them a bit more recently.


  3. I am drawn to the mugs with quotes on them, but I’m pretty good at resisting them – we just don’t have the space! Bookmarks are a lot easier to find the space for, and I don’t make a point of collecting them, but whenever I acquire one in some way (often my kids make them for me) I hold on to them. I also like choosing the one that best matches the book. The Van Gogh pairing is very impressive. 🙂

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  4. I love that you collect all these bits, I’m obsessed with bookmarks, even with they are old and battered I can’t get rid of them. It’s like I’m getting rid of part of a book.

    I have quite a lot of totes as well, that I don’t even use, but I absolutely love.

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  5. I thought I posted a comment to this, but I can’t see it now. I have a slew of bookmarks from various places that all seem to end up on the kitchen table and have to be brought back up to my bedside table. I have one of the Their / they’re / there mugs and a Go Away I’m Writing [Writing crossed out and Editing written in] mug, and also one made up with the cover of one of the books I’ve written, which a friend had done for me.


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