Book Spine Poetry, Take Two

I had so much fun with the last round of book spine poetry, and so many leftover ideas, that I just had to give it another shot. The themes this time include travel, arson, astronomy, natural history and my own little romance. Let me know what you think.


The art of travel


The violet hour,

The detour:

Turn left at the pub,

Road ends

On Chesil Beach.

The accidental tourist


This must be the place.




How to set a fire and why:

Out of sheer rage.

An exclusive love;

All passion spent.

Red sky at night:

The blazing world

Scarlet and black.

Home is burning –

Everything must change.


The celestials




The night of the comet

Crossing the moon


Cloud atlas

Measuring the world


Heaven’s coast


The collector


An obsession with butterflies

Four wings and a prayer


A buzz in the meadow

The secret life of bees


The wonder,

The abundance –


Telling the story

Bird by bird


Tracing the way

Adventure lit their star.


Dedicated to my husband; our ninth anniversary is coming up in just over two weeks.




England, England –

Small island,

Small world.


Over here

About a boy.

Love in a cold climate:

Beautiful fools

(The good guy,

American wife)

A quiet life.



8 responses

  1. Carolyn Anthony | Reply

    I enjoyed all of these! Especially the one dedicated to Chris.

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  2. These are awesome! I can’t even pick a favourite, but the one dedicated to your husband is a nice touch. 🙂

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  3. This is fun. I must give it a go.

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  4. 😀 Love all of these, especially the last one.

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  5. Yes, all are wonderful – especially the sweet and fitting anniversary poem.

    I never can get these to come together, but you’ve made great poems – and have some great reading to do!

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  6. […] I’m continuing to read and write to the blog plan I had set up for March into April. What else is there to do? In the meantime, I assembled some titles, mostly from books on my bedside table, into a few impromptu poems. Remember what fun book spine poetry was back in 2016? (My efforts from that short-lived craze are here and here.) […]


  7. […] previous book spine poetry efforts are here and here (2016); and here (March […]


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