Random Searches that Led People to My Blog

Something quick and lightweight for a Saturday…

One of my favorite things to keep an eye on in WordPress is the “Top Searches” (beneath the Stats table on the Dashboard). I always find it interesting, and often pretty bizarre, what random web searches led people to my blog. Two searches that seem to be perennially popular are for images of women reading and the novel The Girl Who Slept with God. And then there is the handful of slightly dodgy ones…

My blog’s top searches for the past two and a half months:

March 8, 2016: seal morning rowena farre, war & peace 2016 mini series masonic influence, did roman soldiers sodomize jesis?, ann kidd taylor 2015

March 11: orthodox hymns in bbc war and peace, public domain woman reading

April 4: ann kidd taylor wedding, caught again bondage

April 13: rebecca carter london book fair, ice cream driver name in girl who slept with god

April 15: let the empire down goodreads alexandra oliver poet, what is d nature of poetry

April 21: the girl who slept with god review, the penny heart martine bailey, public domain photographs elena ferrante

May 5: picture of ladies and girls reading in public, bookcycle

May 9: beck site female picture hd, barbara pym vicar and widow

May 21: women reading picture


7 thoughts on “Random Searches that Led People to My Blog

  1. Good idea for a post. Notable ones from the last quarter for my book blog include (as well as lots about cheese, finding my post about the cheese I like being discontinued) …

    librofulltime haberdashery
    tales of the chalet school expkain
    television dialogue the sitcom friends [I have reviewed a book on this topic: it must be on a course somewhere as I get hits every day on that review]

    The best one on my own books’ site is the very random, obviously typed in the wrong place
    i can’t chat, i am writing my final exams

    My professional blog gets mainly sensible searches, but some are rather plaintive:
    how do i stop my keyboard from typing italic style
    how do you find out how many words you’ve typed on a macbook air laptop?

    or just confusing:
    words you can use 2 replace computer
    the act of editing and adopting(editing and proofreading)
    word document “little button” in the “top right” window.


  2. I once did a group read (with Laura and Rick, who I’m not sure is blogging anymore) of a paranormal romance called Dragon Bound (spoiler alert: we were not fans). That was an interesting few months of searches . . .

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