Girl at War Paperback Release

Next Thursday, the 24th, marks the UK paperback publication of Girl at War by Sara Nović, which I reviewed last year for BookBrowse (a subscription-only site, but you can see an excerpt of my review here). It was #3 on my list of last year’s best fiction, so I’m delighted that Little, Brown Book Group got in touch asking me to help publicize the paperback release. They created a shareable image with a snippet of my NetGalley feedback.

Girl at War Review Quote publicize Mar-17

This pitch-perfect debut novel is an inside look at the Yugoslavian Civil War and its aftermath, from the perspective of a young girl caught up in the fighting. If you haven’t already read it, I encourage you to seek it out soon.

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  1. Well, if you’ve got it in a number 3, I’d better give it a go. I’m obviously having a conflict-type moment, as I’m currently gripped by Han Kang’s Human Acts.


    1. Ah, I’ve not read any Han Kang. I’ve heard great things about The Vegetarian and have that on my Kindle, though.


      1. Human Acts is brilliant. Not easy, but it conveys violence and brutality in a way that’s almost poetic at times. It suggests the full horror of events without being either gratuitous or sensational. And The Vegetarian’s definitely on my list now too.

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  2. Carolyn Anthony | Reply

    CONGRATULATIONS, Beck! You are getting known! It’s wonderful. 😄

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  3. This is one of the 2015 books I regret not getting to–thanks for the reminder!


  4. I don’t know why but after waiting weeks to get this at the library I couldnt relate to it. One of my few did not finish books last year.


    1. Ah, too bad! Sometimes the weight of expectations can backfire.


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