Final Stats for 2015

I smashed through my initial goal of 250 books for the year, ending up at 285 instead. This is without a doubt the most I have read in a year, and I can’t imagine ever topping it.

According to Goodreads, this worked out as 75,387 pages, an average length of 270 pages per book. My average rating, meanwhile, was 3.7, which seems about right.

In terms of your basic genres, I read:

Fiction: 133

Poetry: 49

Nonfiction: 103

It was a lousy year in terms of family health and drama, but a great one for books.

I even managed to finish the year with a strong contender: Specimen by Irina Kovalyova, eight stories and a novella that incorporate science and family ties in a way that reminded me of Andrea Barrett and A.S. Byatt. I’ll be reviewing it for Foreword’s next issue. 

Happy new year!

How did 2015 turn out for you reading-wise?

6 responses

  1. Good heavens, that’s quite an achievement. I was feeling quite smug about 73, which Goodreads described as 52. Lots of good books this year, but most recently, ‘Sanctuary’ by Robert Edric. Though nobody could describe that as a feel-good book.


  2. Ooh… Specimen sounds good…
    Congrats on 285!!


    1. It was one of the Canadian books longlisted for the Frank O’Connor Short Story Award — I think it was published there last year but not coming out in the States until March, thus my upcoming review.

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      1. I thought it sounded familiar…


  3. 285 is amazing! I am in awe, I was surprised I managed to get to 100.


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