At the end of July 2013, I left my job as a library assistant to set up as a freelance book reviewer. For just over a year and a half, then, I’ve been writing reviews and other book-related articles on a self-employed basis.

I nearly laughed aloud that summer when a friend introduced me with “This is Rebecca. She writes about books for a living.” It seemed ironic to me because, especially back then, I wasn’t ‘making a living,’ not by any stretch of the imagination. However, I’ve come to think about what I’m doing in a slightly different way. I might not be making a living as such, but I’m making a life – one based around books. I must never forget what a privilege that is.

I’ll be focusing on a number of different print and online writing venues (see my About page for a fairly comprehensive list). Recently I’ve also started editing academic journal articles; the work may be less creative, but it plays to my strengths of close observation and perfectionism in writing.

My goal with this blog is to make a shopfront for all my online writing as well as a place to post personal musings on recent books and the state of literature today. I’d be delighted for any of you who are interested to join me here and/or on Twitter: @bookishbeck. I also welcome friend requests from readers with similar tastes on Goodreads.

All the best, and happy reading!

3 responses

  1. Looking forward to reading your reviews! I know that you will make this a huge success. So proud of you for following your heart!

    Aunt Kathy


  2. Hooray! Welcome to the blogosphere! 😉


  3. Excellent! Happy to be reading your site along with your Goodreads reviews! Have tried to follow on Twitter, but this pesky thing about Twitter limiting how many you can follow is ridiculous. As soon as we get the chance – we will click Follow!


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